New law introduced to prosecute those who litter the beach

New law introduced to prosecute those who litter the beach

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Lamu, KENYA: The County Government of Lamu has enforced a legislation that will see all those dumping dirt on the beaches and in the Indian Ocean are arrested and charged.

County Health, Environment and Sanitation Executive Mohamed Kombo has said the rate at which beaches,roads and the ocean are being littered especially with plastic waste is worrying.

The move is to ensure the Lamu old town is kept clean and prevent further degradation of the old town’s environment which includes quite a number of sandy beaches.

Speaking in his office on Monday,Kombo cautioned residents against dumping any sort of waste on the beaches and in the ocean and said all those found shall be promptly arrested and charged.

Kombo said the county government would collaborate with the security department to ensure the new legislation is observed to the latter.

The executive said security officers in the county had also been directed to follow up and nab all those found contravening the new law.

“We have discovered that as the population grows here in Lamu so does the rate of environmental degradation increase too.we want people to stop dumping waste anyhow and make use of the bins located all over this place. The hygiene and cleanness of this old town must be every person’s responsibility,”said Kombo.

Kombo said the county government had distributed hundreds of dirt bins all over the town and has also availed a garbage collection tractor to ensure the bins are promptly emptied and the garbage well disposed.

He also warned those who send mentally handicapped individuals to dispose off garbage in the wrong places saying they shall also be arrested and charged for taking advantage of the sick.

This comes just a day after security officers from all units led a beach cleanup exercise in Lamu.