Kingi’s arrival at Jamhuri day celebrations causes a stir

Kingi’s arrival at Jamhuri day celebrations causes a stir

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Kilifi county Governor Amason Kingi addressing the public in Kilifi's Karisa Maitha Grounds during the Mashujaa day celebrations. FILE/PHOTO.

Kilifi, KENYA: The late arrival of Kilifi county governor Amason Kingi in a chopper, brought things to a stand still during the Jamhuri day celebrations in Kilifi town.

Kingi arrived on a private chopper in the midst of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech that was being read by Kilifi County commissioner Joseph Keter.

The governor was said to have been in Nairobi before joining the Kilifi locals for the Jamhuri celebrations.

Keter had to stop reading his speech, as youth went up in arms welcoming the governor while chanting his name and a slogan dubbed ‘Lazima Kieleweke’.

Police had a hard time in cooling down the youths who kept chanting the governor’s name despite the county commissioner’s order to cool them down.

It was until he stepped to the podium to call for calmness, when they finally honored him and allowed the County commissioner to carry on with reading the president’s speech.

Kingi said he could not get a flight from Nairobi because of the paratroopers in Nairobi Jamhuri celebrations that stopped any plane from flying.

He added that he was forced to travel by road to Ruiru to get a chopper; that he claims no public funds were used to hire it to ferry him to Kilifi.

“I could not afford to miss the celebrations here in Kilifi that’s why I had to take the chopper,” Kingi said during his speech.

Earlier on, a group branded ‘Team Wazito’ had been arrested for causing chaos at the start of the 53rd Jamhuri Day celebrations at the Karisa Maitha grounds in Kilifi County headquarters.

They were later on released after the celebrations ended.

However, the youths continued to chant Kingi’s name when the governor criticized the responsibility of the security personnel in Kilifi County.

Kingi said police are discriminating who to serve and who not to serve, Kingi was referring to the incident where a group of youths invaded the governor’s offices in the presence of police.

“My office and the police station are very close but I was shocked to see the protesting youths sneak into my offices as the police were watching, is it because I am an ODM governor?” said Kingi.

But Keter refuted the claims in an interview with journalists after the celebrations.

“The issue is that they never report to the police in time, and when we got the report we dispersed the rowdy youths,” said Keter.

This year’s Jamhuri day celebrations recorded the poorest turnout ever in Kilifi County.