Lamu County to reward nurses as token for not joining nationwide strike

Lamu County to reward nurses as token for not joining nationwide strike

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Lamu county hospital .PHOTO/FILE.

Lamu, KENYA: The county government of Lamu has promised a handsome reward to nurses in the county for not taking part in the ongoing nationwide nurses and doctors strike by choosing to save lives instead.

Nurses in Lamu have continued working as usual even as the nationwide strike enters its fourth day, amidst increased casualties and suffering of patients in public hospitals.

County leaders have lauded the spirit and great sense of humanity exhibited by the nurses and said such a move deserves to be rewarded.

All hospitals and dispensaries are fully functional even as some of the doctors joined their counterparts in the strike.

Lamu County health executive Mohamed Kombo said the county was pleased with the decision of the nurses not to partake in the strike and instead go on serving the people of Lamu and as such they deserved an award for that.

Speaking as he attended to patients at the King Fajad hospital after he was forced to fill in for the striking doctors on Thursday,Kombo said their call as medics was to save lives first and not chase money as some are doing it.

He lauded the unity exhibited by the nurses and said it was something that ought to be emulated by all other nurses nationwide.

Kombo has however not disclosed the kind of reward the nurses will be accorded but only stating that it will be a good one.

“We will stand with the nursed for they have proved beyond doubt that they have indeed been called to save lives. We shall do everything to ensure they work comfortably and effectively. Whatever will be decided in Nairobi,we shall also do the same for our nurses here. Not forgetting that we shall reward all for the bold move of choosing to save lives and not otherwise,” said Kombo.

Lamu County has over 200 nurses and at least 10 medical doctors.

Kombo said the county had also employed an additional two new doctors to fill the slots of the striking doctors.

Lamu nurses have also announced withdrawal of their membership from the Kenya National Union of Nurses-KNUN citing being sidelined and used by top officials for personal agendas.