Top 2016 KCPE performers in Kilifi to receive full scholarship...

Top 2016 KCPE performers in Kilifi to receive full scholarship from county govt.

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Kilifi County Governor Amason Kingi with KCPE top performers; Dismas Ngala Mwambegu (right) and Maureen Nzingo (left). PHOTO: DAVID NGUMBAO.

Kilifi, KENYA: Two top Kenya Certificate of Primary Education performers in Kilifi County will receive full scholarship in their secondary education, courtesy of the Kilifi County Government.

Dismas Ngala Mwambegu and Maureen Nzingo met with Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi at state house in Kilifi town, where they got assurances that they would be sponsored through the county scholarship fund kitty.

Speaking during his meeting with the two pupils on Saturday, Governor Kingi said apart from the two, all top performing students who will be called to national schools will get full scholarship from the county government.

Dismas Ngala a pupil at Giriama Junior Academy in Bamba town scored 423 marks out of the possible 500, while Maureen Nzingo from Dzikunze primary school in Vitengeni scored 416 marks and hopes to be a surgeon in the future.

“I am happy to meet with Kilifi’s finest pupils in this year’s KCPE examinations. Dismas and Maureen together with all the other candidates who sat for this year’s KCPE exams and excelled in Kilifi County have made us really proud and as a government we will sponsor them fully.” Said governor Kingi.

According to Dismas Ngala, his performance was not easy due to the harsh conditions in Bamba, a region known for hunger and drought; but his dream of being a plot is what pushed him.

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“I have dreamt of being a pilot. It is a vision that I have been having for long and I think it has finallly started coming to pass,” said Ngala.

Ngala’s mother Rachel Katana said his son loved learning and had promised to bring out the best results in this year’s KCPE.

“One day, he was discussing with his cousin and when he brought up the idea of becoming a pilot day, his cousin told him that he was to work hard and get over 400 marks. When the results were announced, he had indeed garnered more than 400 marks,” said Ms Katana.

Maureen Nzingo Karima, a 13 year old girl who scored 416 to emerge the top girl in Kilifi County, wants to become a neurosurgeon.

“I dedicates my good performance to teachers at Dzikunze and her parents who have ever been encouraging me to study hard so that I could make it in life,” Nzingo told Baraka FM.

At Mnago Wa Dola Primary School in Ganze, we met Khamis Karisa Katana a 9th born in a family of ten who scored 402 marks.

Mnago wa Dola is among the drought and hunger prone areas, where hundreds of livestock died recently because of drought.

“Getting those marks is not easy in this area where we go hungry almost on a daily basis. I have several times gone without food and it was only during the examinations when we received food,” Khamis said.

Although his parents could not make it for the interview because of the distance of the village from the school, he said they mainly depended on charcoal burning to sustain their livelihood.

“I want to join Alliance High school and become a doctor, however, my future looks bleak. I am afraid that even with this performance there are possibilities that I may not go to secondary school if no one helps me,” he said.

Asked about the fate of Khamis, the Governor said the boy is among those that will get first consideration when it comes to awarding scholarship to the top performers.