Bachelors worst affected by jiggers in the country, says Ahadi Trust Kenya

Bachelors worst affected by jiggers in the country, says Ahadi Trust Kenya

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A health practitioner attends to a man infected by jiggers. PHOTOT: COURTESY.

Lamu, KENYA: Male bachelors are worst affected by the jigger menace than any other population in the country,Ahadi Kenya Trust has said.

Ahadi Kenya Trust CEO Stanley Kamau has said the situation has to a large extent hindered efforts to eradicate jiggers in various parts of the country.

Speaking in Lamu recently,Kamau said 70% of the male bachelor population are infected and living with jiggers in Kenya.

According to the Trust, statistics show that very few married men suffer from jiggers compared to their unmarried counterparts.

The CEO said there was need for all eligible males to marry, so as to reduce jigger infestation cases in affected areas.

Kamau also noted that women were rarely affected by jiggers in most of the vulnerable areas known.
He said 60% of children in remote rural areas are affected by jiggers

“According to our research,60% of those affected by jiggers are children.70% of the remaining 40% are bachelors. We have rarely found women affected by jiggers. The same way, it’s hard to find a married man with jiggers. It’s time for men to marry so as to survive and escape jiggers,”said Kamau.

The Ahadi Trust CEO appealed to all those affected by jiggers to embrace healthy treatment methods and desist from using pins and other paraphernalia to pull out the jiggers; saying the method only brings pain and doesn’t bring out the jiggers.

He said using pins is risky and that on many occasion it has been cited as a contributing factor to the spread of HIV.

“Those affected should only use the demonstrated treatment plan and never ever use pins to pull out the jiggers.A HIV positive mother who uses a pin and uses the same on her children can easily transmit the HIV virus to them.Its unsafe and unhealthy,”he said.

On the same day,Ahadi Kenya partnered with the World Wide Fund for nature-WWF to distribute 6000 shoes and sandals to the Boni minority community which is worst affected by the jigger menace.

Residents were also warned selling the shoes and sandals and instead use them to keep jiggers away.