Lamu farmers reap huge harvest from drought resistant seeds

Lamu farmers reap huge harvest from drought resistant seeds

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Lamu, KENYA: Farmers in terror prone Basuba ward in Lamu east have something to smile about after the World Wide Fund-WWF acquired drought resistant seedlings for them.

As such,many of the beneficiary farmers have acknowledged having made bounty harvests despite the ravaging drought.

Previously,the farmers from Basuba,Milimani,Mangai,Mararani and Kiangwe villages had also had game moats dug around their farms, in order to prevent wild animals from entering into and destroying farmlands courtesy of the WWF.

Speaking in Kiangwe when the WWF visited farmers in the area on Friday,the farmers expressed gratitude to the fund for its efforts in ensuring farming is improved.

The farmers said the game moats had proved successful in keeping wild animals away from farms and as such,they had been able harvest without trouble.

“This year with the game moats and the drought resistant seeds,we are getting as much as 15 to 20 bags of maize per acre as opposed to before when the harvest wouldn’t go beyond four bags an acre,”said Mohamed Shekuwe.

The WWF Boni Dodori Conservancy Project Manager John Bett said the objective was to ensure food security among the Boni people.

Bett said together with the county government and other players,their main aim was to open up strategies through which more and more farmers will be assisted to be more productive.

“We are specifically targeting farmers from Basuba who are victims of human/wildlife conflicts. We have dug game moats around their farms considering they live so close to wildlife habitats and we have also equipped them with drought resistant seeds so that they can be able to plant and harvest even in tough climatic conditions like drought,”said Bett.