Boinnet should resign for being incompetent, says human rights group

Boinnet should resign for being incompetent, says human rights group

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Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett . PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: A human rights group is mounting pressure on the Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet to resign for incompetency.

Speaking in Mombasa on Tuesday, Executive Director of Beyond Legal Defense fund for human rights-Boniface Nyaminde urged the government to sack Mr. Boinnet saying he has failed Kenyans.

He said the IG failed Kenyans by unleashing excessive force in Mumias, where GSU officers were deployed to recover seven G3 rifles stolen when Booker police station was raided by unknown assailants.

Mr Nyaminde termed what transpired in Mumias after guns were reported stolen as a serious violation of human rights.

“Boinnet is abetting human rights violations by sending his men to terrorize and even kill unarmed civilians in the name of searching for a stolen rifle. This is simply impunity at its best,” he said.

According to the human rights body, a lone police officer was left to handle seven guns and 84 rounds of ammunition which should not have been the case.

“How can one police officer be left to man a whole police post?” He asked.

This follows unconfirmed reports that the officer who was attacked had been left in charge of the armoury.

He further blamed the police service commission for appointing Mr Boinnet as the IG, saying he has no idea what he is doing.

“Police should be cooperating with people to offer information instead of treating them with contempt every time an unfortunate incidence involving the security forces arises.” He added.

The human rights boss claimed cases of extra judicial killings by police were on the rise since Mr. Boinnet took over from Mr. David Kimaiyo.

The National Police Service has since offered a sh. 500, 000 reward for any person with crucial information that would lead to the arrest of criminals who invaded Booker Police Post in Mumias, and recovery of the weapons stolen.