Why Kenyan men are opting for Vasectomy as a family planning method

Why Kenyan men are opting for Vasectomy as a family planning method

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Nairobi, KENYA: Seated next to his wife at a medical centre in the sprawling slums of Kangemi in Nairobi, Moses Kongere, 53, gives away a toothy grin as he reveals that he underwent a vasectomy.

Mr. Kongere who has served as a policeman for 27 years is a father of 6.

“Our plan was to have 3 children but we seem to have doubled our efforts,” Mr. Kongere joked.

“Before, I was posted far away from home by the police service. I had to obey since being a patriot, I had to serve my country religiously. I missed my wife a lot and whenever I came back I left her with child. We used to meet once a year,” he recalls.

The police officer says that his wife’s health was greatly affected when she did family planning so he had to make the decision to undergo a vasectomy.

“ Swallowing pills made me to suffer high blood pressure, injections made by monthly periods irregular,” Evelyn Chepkomoi, the policeman’s wife told Baraka FM.

World Vasectomy Day

Kenya on 18 Nov 2016 joined other countries of the globe to mark World Vasectomy Day at the Kenya National Theatre KNT in Nairobi, in which men who had undergone the procedure gave their testimonies.

George Mboga, a father of one, said he had to undergo a vasectomy as an act of love to his spouse.

Mr. Mboga said that his wife also frequently became sick when she used some of the family planning methods.

“Doctors frowned at me when I told them I opted for the procedure. I did not bow down to their pressure. I do not regret my actions.It was a wise decision. Now I won’t have to work strenuously to provide for my small family,” Mr. Mboga proudly revealed.