Tension builds up in Kilifi as two rival political groups clash over...

Tension builds up in Kilifi as two rival political groups clash over Kingi

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Protesters burn an effigy alleged to be of governor Kingi during the demonstration against corruption in Kilifi County. PHOTO: DAVID NGUMBAO.

Kilifi, KENYA: Tension remained high in Kilifi town as two political rival groups took to the streets with one demonstrating against governor Kingi’s administration and the other in support of the regime.

The group that was protesting against Kingi’s administration over the loss of the sh. 51.2 million, invaded the governor’s offices wanting him to clarify on the corruption issue, while holding placards in protest.

Speaking to journalists during the demonstration on Thursday, Emmanuel Kadenge, the leader of the group, said their motive was to get the truth out of the whole issue which has now become very common.

He said the people of Kilifi County are not yet satisfied with the explanation governor Kingi has been giving regarding the lost public money.

“All we want from Governor Kingi is the truth of how the money got lost and how he is planning to recover it. If it is true that he managed to recover sh. 8 million why not the rest of the money?” Kadenge posed.

“We hereby give the governor an ultimatum of up to Monday next week to come out clear on the same and if he does not, we will again go to the streets until  he acts.” added Kadenge.

Kadenge also said that they want  Kilifi County secretary Owen Baya to resign.

On the other hand, the rival group supporting governor Kingi countered the first group saying they were protecting the public property from being destroyed.

James Omondi, the group leader, said they were shocked by the demands from the first group as the governor had come out very clear about the corruption scandal, as he even went to the extent of naming the companies involved.

“All we want is peace in Kilifi and that’s why we came out to counter them. We know they were paid to demonstrate but we will not allow such incidences to occur against our governor,” Omondi said.

This comes just a day after governor Kingi announced that the county is  planning to sue the companies alleged to have defrauded Kilifi.

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