Drama as Diamond platinumz’s mother takes over Zari’s house

Drama as Diamond platinumz’s mother takes over Zari’s house

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There seems to be trouble in the Nasibu household after Diamond platinumz’s mother Sanura Kassim occupied the house Diamond platinumz had built for his baby mama Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

According to a clip posted by popular Tanzanian blogger Millard Ayo,Sanura says the house is rightfully hers since she supervised the construction of the house and Diamond had promised to built her a house once his music started paying.

However, Sanura also revealed that her occupying the house is not a big deal as Diamond has six other houses not known to the public including a recent house he purchased for his baby mama in South Africa.

This further adds fuel to the romours that have been doing rounds for quite sometime now that Zari does not get along with Diamond’s family.

Although Sanura has always denied any existence of bad blood between the two, actions state otherwise.

Sanura seems to have a closer relationship with her sons ex Wema Sepetu and his alleged side chic  video vixen Hamisa Mobeto.

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Unconfirmed reports state that Diamonds family does not like Zari as she is a control freak.