Sheikh Juma Ngao resigns as NACADA board member over corruption

Sheikh Juma Ngao resigns as NACADA board member over corruption

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Nairobi,KENYA:Sheikh Juma Ngao who has worked as board member for The National Authority for Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) for over nine years, on Friday wrote a resignation letter to the Interior  Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaisseri.

Sheikh Ngao alleged increased corruption in NACADA under the supervision of Nkassai, stating that as the main reason forcing him to resign.

He said his efforts to fight corruption was not appreciated and instead the ministry and the government saw him as the enemy.

He also claimed that  Muslims were being denied opportunity to be employed at NACADA even if they had qualifications and that the few who were working in the organization, were all fired except for two among the ninety NACADA staff.

“As a Muslim believer and a cleric,my conscious doesn’t allow me to work with NACADA and keep quiet when some officials are squashing tax payers’ money or be viewed as a villain since Iam fighting corruption.Corruption is ‘HARAM’ prohibited in the holly quran,” read part of the letter.

He requested the government to ensure that Miritini NYS rehab is built, so that the drug addicts can be treated.

Sheikh Ngao has also called upon the national government to arrest international and local drug barons; together with the few corrupt police involved in the the business, in order for the country to be a drug free nation.

He also wants the government to declare drug and alcohol abuse as a national disaster in Kenya.