More than 600 pupils in Kilifi to benefit from refurbished library

More than 600 pupils in Kilifi to benefit from refurbished library

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Kilifi, KENYA: More than six hundred pupils at Malanga Primary in Vitengeni- Ganze sub-county in Kilifi County will benefit from a fully refurbished school library.

The library that had been abandoned since the beginning of the school in early 70s was refurbished by PKF Kenya, a non-governmental organization.

According to the teachers and school committee the hurdle of scarce learning resources in the school has been the cause of its under performance.

Addressing pupils and parents during the opening of the newly refurbished library on Wednesday, Leonard Yaa, the school head teacher said the school is among those which are in marginalized areas of the county that need serious intervention.

“This is school has always been hit by many vices facing this area in terms of hunger and water shortage, Pupils walk long distances in search of water which derails the capacity of their concentrationl,”said Yaa.

Mr. Yaa termed the intervention of the by the organization as a good move to bail them out from the bad situation.

He called upon the government to look into the school and make remarkable interventions to bring it back on track so that it can competition with other schools.

“I just thank PKF Kenya very much for their move to invest thousands of shillings in the refurbishment of this school, I hereby humbly call upon the government to look into this school too; in a bid to improve the infrastructure,” Yaa said.

According to David Ngumbao, the organization’s auditor, PKF Kenya had invested more than sh. 700,000 in the refurbishment of the library, buying books and food stuffs for the pupils.

“The reason as to why we decided to refurbish this school’s library is because of the bad situation it is in,” Ngumbao said.

“We have seen and heard that pupils are unable to study well because of lack of books, hunger and water shortage which today we have opened the facility and brought books for the pupils. All we wish them is success in their studies,” Ngumbao added.

This comes as many parts of Kilifi County are facing hunger, drought and water shortage.