Lamu youth urged to desist from radicalization and drug abuse

Lamu youth urged to desist from radicalization and drug abuse

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Lam, KENYA: Lamu youth have been asked to steer clear of radicalization and all sorts of associations with criminal and terror groups.

In a two day anti-radicalization awareness campaign workshop at Bargoni primary school in Lamu East and which was attended by over 500 local youth,they were instead asked to seek alternative engagements that would positively impact on their lives and the society.

The workshop was spearheaded by Sustainable Development Solution-SDS,a movement recently formed to look into possible solutions to challenges facing youth in Lamu County.

Speaking on Thursday,SDS project implementation committee chair Sheikh Noordin Abdullahi said the objective of the movement was to rescue the youth from radicalization and other common challenges including drugs.

He said their main agenda as SDS is to ensure the youth are able to learn to sustain themselves without having to turn to terrorism and radicalization to do so.

He said the SDS had already been to Bargoni,Hindi,Witu,Mpeketoni, Koreni, Mkunumbi and various other parts of Lamu on the same mission.

Noordin also urged parents to closely monitor their children’s movements especially during this long holiday period in order to deter them from being radicalized or coerced to join terror or criminal gangs or even getting hooked to drugs.

“The SDS is here to ensure our youth aren’t coerced to join terror or criminal gangs or become radicalized for that matter.we are also keen to ensure we let people know the truth on the use of drugs and can always make an honest living and succeed in without having to be radicalized or becoming a criminal,”said Noordin.

Bargoni youth Chairperson Ben Abdalla said through SDS the youth in the area had been able to turn a new leaf and lead more productive lives.