Panic in Likoni as gang targets boda boda operators

Panic in Likoni as gang targets boda boda operators

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A victim of a recent attack by a criminal gang in Likoni, showing injuries he sustained on his back.

Mombasa,KENYA: A boda boda chairperson in Likoni sub-county, Mombasa is nursing serious injuries after he was allegedly attacked and stabbed by a new criminal gang christened “King Star,” on Thursday.

This is the latest criminal gang to emerge in the area adding up to more than 50 criminal gangs in the area.

The gang is said to be armed with arrows, swords and other crude weapons unlike the other gangs and is causing havoc.

According to the victim Ibrahim Abdallah Bashehe, a group of 20 people attacked him as he dropped a passenger.

Mr Abdalla told reporters at his home the 10 gang members stopped him as he was carrying the passenger  and asked him what was he doing in that area.

He said one of the attackers drew a Somali sword and stabbed him several times on his back.

“They asked me what is doing in the area. They said they were going to lynch me for threatening their members”, he said

The chairperson was later admitted at Likoni sub county hospital.

Another rider is also nursing serious deep cuts in his head and body after the same criminal gang allegedly attacked him early last month.

Fred Maseti, who had been nursing deep cuts, said he was attacked by a ten man gang after he dropped a passenger in his house at around 10 pm in Migombani area.

According to Mr Abdalla, they have been clashing with the gang for the past few months and police did not take any action.

Last month security agents in Likoni announced to have received 200 youths who have surrendered to police.

The boda boda operators have now vowed to take law in their hands, as police have shown no effort to reign on them.

Likoni OCPD Willy Simba did not pick his phone for comment.