Villagers in Lamu East left with discoloured teeth due to drought

Villagers in Lamu East left with discoloured teeth due to drought

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Part of Lamu Island. FILE/PHOTO.

Lamu, KENYA: Residents of Kiangwe village in Lamu East are forced to contend with the harsh cold weather conditions and que for water at the only available water source for days on end.

This is after rivers,wells,lakes and other water sources dried up following the ongoing drought.

Only one fresh water well has remained in the entire village, with other locals coming from other far villages to scramble for the water.

The worst part however is that the water which seems to possess high acidity levels has left many villagers with discolored teeth.

Locals said households can go for as far as three days without cooking since they have no water for that purpose.

The villagers have to queue and the well for several days and nights and have to stay even longer when the source dries out and wait till it starts trickling out again the next day.

“We wake up as early as 2am just to go queuing at the well.if you are lucky you get to fetch some water after a few hours but for the unlucky ones when the well runs out,we have to stay overnight till morning when the source starts trickling again and even then,the water is still very little,”said Hadija Bakari.

Many other residents in parts that have been hit by drought in Lamu County are reported to be risking lives by drinking extremely dirty water.

Many other users of well water have also reported having their teeth discolored and coated with a brownish substance that doesn’t seem to come off even after brushing.