Lamu Muslims convene to pray for rains

Lamu Muslims convene to pray for rains

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Part of Lamu Island. FILE/PHOTO.

Lamu, KENYA: Muslims in Lamu County on Thursday converged at the Twaif grounds to pray for rains following the persistent drought that has hit the region.

This comes even as the Muslim faithful in Lamu close their four day fast which started on Monday this week.

The prayers commonly known as Istiqaai were organized by Wanaharakati Okoa Lamu organization, an umbrella body bringing together all Muslims and the various activist groups in the County.

Speaking shortly after,Wanaharakati Okoa Lamu Chief Organizing secretary Ustadh Mohamed Al-Amin the main objective of the prayer convergence was to ask for God’s forgiveness.

He added that this was also to appease Him so that He can release rains and save the county from disaster that is being caused by the drought and also enable the county to grow food and get water for their dying livestock.

It is estimated that at least 30,000 households and over 300,000 heads of cattle are currently in dire need of food and water in the various parts of the county.

Areas that have been hard hit by the biting drought in Lamu include Witu, Pandanguo, Maisha Masha, Moa, Hindi, Bar’goni, Basuba, Mangai, Milimani, Mararani and Kiangwe.

“I thank all the Muslims who have turned up for the Istisqaai prayers. The drought that is witnessed in our county at the moment is worrying. That’s why we have decided to go back to Allah in prayer and fasting so that the drought which is deemed as punishment as a result of God’s anger can come to an end,” said Al-amin.

The Lamu Branch Chairperson of the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya-CIPK Abubakar Shekuwe urged all muslims,county and national leaders to turn away from their evil ways and seek God’s guidance for the challenges facing the nation.

Shekuwe said too much graft and many other annoying happenings in the country had angered God who had in turn allowed suffering in the form of drought to befall the country.

“I believe God is not happy with the increased corruption in our country. I believe as citizens and people who know Allah, we have angered God in one way or the other and that’s why this drought seems to be getting worse by the day. We feel God has stopped rains because we haven’t repented. That’s why we are praying and we know that God will deliver us from this disaster and open the clouds for the rains to fall again on Lamu,”said Shekuwe.

The Lamu branch chairperson of the Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics-CICC Sheikh Mohamed Abdulkadir called on all believers of all faiths to repent and turn away and desist from their wrong doings so as to attain God’s forgiveness.