Corruption hindering successful implementation of devolution, says EACC

Corruption hindering successful implementation of devolution, says EACC

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The national Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission CEO Halakhe Wako during a press briefing in Mombasa. PHOTO: SAUM ATHMAN

Mombasa, KENYA: The national Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission EACC has called upon the public and all stakeholders to join hands in fighting corruption in the country.

Speaking in Mombasa on Tuesday, EACC  CEO Halakhe Waqo said public awareness is key to countering corruption issues.

“The public needs to have access of information on how public funds are spent and understand the structure and the system of the devolved government,” he said.

Waqo said corruption is higher at the county levels than the  national level with major cases associated with procurement, purchase of goods and employment at the county level.

“Funds allocated to the devolved government are misused by county officials especially in the procurement offices, purchase of goods and the issue of employment especially governors and their communities,” he added.

Waqo said in most of their investigations they find some of the things happening at the county levels are similar to national, especially when officials are held responsible for money laundry they try as much as possible to hide  money at different places making it a challenge to trace them.

“I call upon you to revitalize your energy and Synergy to cohesively address the vice and ensure perpetrators found to be engaging in promoting and/or condoning corruption are expeditiously dealt with,” he warned.

The vice Chairperson of the commission Sophia Lepuchirit said the commission is working long hours tirelessly to ensure that the corruption menace is dealt with.

“The EACC is the only place where you receive lots of document to handle within the shortest time possible, this people work like donkeys they sit in the offices till 11 at night and by 4 o’clock everybody is seated in the office and I feel so sad when people say EACC is not working hard,” she said.

Lepuchirit says the commission is working with all stakeholders to develop an action plan  with counties specific priorities interventions, inline with chapter 6 of the constitution.

“The commission will continue to collaborate with other state organs to prevent corruption in the county systems of service delivery, raise public awareness on ethics issues and develop enforced leadership and integrity court,” she added.

Corruption has become one of the most discussed topics in Kenya and continues to be an area that raises emotive debates in public forums.

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Kenya adopted the devolved system of government in March 2013 with a promise to unlock the country’s economic, social and political fortunes.