Security guard arrested for allegedly defiling 8-yr-old

Security guard arrested for allegedly defiling 8-yr-old

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A security guard was arrested for allegedly defiling an 8-yr-old in Likoni. PHOTO: WELDON KEMBOI.

Mombasa, KENYA: A man alleged to have defiled an 8-year-old girl was on Sunday arrested by police in Likoni,Mombasa.

The suspect identified as Samuel Odonyo, 35 and an employee of KK security, was arrested in one of the houses not far from where he lives; after he escaped a rowdy crowd who wanted to lynch him.

According to the mother of the victim Ann Wangoi,her daughter was playing outside their rental house in Likoni Majengo Mapya with other kids,but she later realized  that her daughter was missing.

She started looking for her all over but the girl was nowhere to be seen; she said she was amazed to see her daughters shoes outside suspect’s door.

“I dint take any more chances,I bang the door and asked the man if my daughter was in her house, the man was the first one to come outside followed by my daughter. I grabbed my daughter’s hand and took her to my room where I question what was she doing in the man’s house,’’said a tearful Wangoi.

She said her daughter confided to her that the man had bought her sweets and gave her some money.

“It dawned on me something was wrong,I examined my daughter and I realized all was not well, I took her to Makadara hospital where the doctor examined her and gave her some medicines. The report was that my daughter’s private parts  was in a mess,”added miss Wangoi.

The suspect lives adjacent to victim’s house and he had a family but it is said that his wife was not present at that time.

A crowd had on Sunday gathered outside the suspects house threatening to set it a blaze if the family  could not produce the suspect.

Police  have called on witnesseses to volunteer information to police for more investigations.

Likoni police chief Willy Simba confirmed to Baraka FM the arrest of the suspect, saying he will be arraigned in court after investigations have been completed.