Officer who took away my manhood is still free, decries victim

Officer who took away my manhood is still free, decries victim

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Mombasa, KENYA: An Administration police Officer who allegedly shot a 29- year- old man and destroyed his genitals is yet to be arrested even after the said man having recorded statements with independent Oversight Police Authority( IPOA.).

Isaac Kitsau katana was allegedly hit by a stray bullet said to have been fired by the said police officer based at dog police unit station, as he left his Kisauni house to work early May this year.

The same bullet reportedly hit and injured, Rajab Mohamed a pupil at Kengeleni primary school as he was heading to school.

According to Katana, the said police officer was patrolling the area, as police engaged suspected criminals in running battles,where he spotted Katana and fired at him without uttering a word.

“I had done nothing wrong,l was walking to work, I saw several police officers and I think they were in their normal patrol this officer then cocked his gun, looked at me and the next thing I can remember I was in hospital.”, said tearful katana .

Katana says he underwent surgery at the Coast General hospital, where doctors removed parts of his manhood to save his life, after being hospitalized at the facility for over two months.

He now alleges that his wife deserted him,on learning that part of his private parts had been removed during the surgery.

George Ayuo Investigator with IPOA,said they were waiting to receive ballistic reports from headquarters in Nairobi, after the bullet which was lodged in the minor’ s chest was removed and forwarded to Nairobi for further analysis.

“Once we received the report,they would charge the suspect with having caused grievous harm.” Said the officer.