Households in Kilifi drought prone areas to get sh. 6,000 per month

Households in Kilifi drought prone areas to get sh. 6,000 per month

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Governor Amason Kingi together with Red Cross Officials during the announcement of the program. PHOTO: DAVID NGUMBAO.

Kilifi, KENYA: One thousand households in the hunger prone areas of Bamba and Ganze wards will benefit from a hunger cash transfer program funded by Kenya Red cross.

The program is aimed at bailing out the most affected households in the areas and will see every household pocketing sh. 6,000 every month.

Addressing the public during the launch of the program in Kilifi on Thursday, Kilifi county Director -Kenya Red cross Hassan Musa, said the program will allow the people to decide on which food stuff to purchase and utilize the rest of the cash on business.

He said it would help the people to spend the cash as per their needs rather than being dictated on what to eat.

“The cost of buying food for the people has raised and that’s why we decided instead of buying them food, we give them the cash to buy the food for themselves,” said Musa.

“The program is also aimed at enabling the people from the so mentioned areas to startup businesses for their development.” Added Musa.

According to Esther Kalu, a resident from Bamba, the program has come at a very good time as the situation at her family was very harsh.

She said she found it very hard to take care of her eight children without any job.

“I say thank you Red cross and the County government of Kilifi for bringing up this program, at least my children will get food when back from school,” Mrs. Kalu said.

“I will also try my best to re-open my omena business that collapsed some time back due to lack of capital.” Said Mrs. Kalu.

In addition, Kilifi County governor Amason Kingi said his government is consulting with  Kenya Red cross on to see how they can chip in to invest some money the program for period of four months.

He added that he recommends a centralized system of food distribution to ensure it reaches the needy; as his government’s efforts alone would not relieve the burden of hunger that has ravaged the people of Kilifi.

“For the period of four months, we are consulting with Kenya Red cross on how we as a government can invest money into this program to ensure our people don’t starve because  of hunger,” said Kingi.

This comes as more than 200 people in various parts of Kilifi are facing starvation and the county government of Kilifi says it has used more than sh. 80 million in a bid to counter the hunger situation.