Doctor found dead in his house after missing for 15 days

Doctor found dead in his house after missing for 15 days

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Mombasa, KENYA: Police in Likoni Mombasa county have launched investigations into the mysterious death of a retired government doctor whose body was found in his house around Mtongwe area.

The deceased identified as Doctor Edward Kanga,70, was found lying in his one bedroom house on Thursday, the body being in a bad state; as it had already started decomposing.

According to police, a number of people have been questioned to shed more light to investigators on the death of the doctor.

The lower limbs and abdomen were reportedly  swollen and were almost exploding.

Police said he was living alone in the house while his family resides in America.

Likoni Police Chief Willy Simba,told Baraka FM the doctor who owns Mgirienge private clinic in the area went missing on 27 October 2016.

He said a bad smell started emanating from his house Thursday evening; prompting the residents to knock down his door only to be shocked by the presence of a decomposing body lying on the bed.

“He had no physical injury,but we had information the the deceased had a history of being sick and he had been admitted twice in the hospital. We are yet to know the cause of his death,” said the police boss.

He said the body had been moved to Coast General morgue awaiting postmortem.