Civil societies in Mombasa protest over corruption in the country

Civil societies in Mombasa protest over corruption in the country

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Civil societies protesting in the streets of Mombasa. They have called for anti-corruption agents to step up in their fight against the vice. PHOTO: OSCAR NYOHA.

Mombasa, KENYA: Civil societies in Mombasa on Thursday took to the streets condemning the increase of corruption cases in Governments both at national and county levels.

According to them, the protests dubbed “Red Thursday” is to put pressure on leaders and all anti-corruption agencies to pull up their socks in the fight against corruption.

Led by Coast based civil society Haki Afrika, the activists marched in several roads in the City before converging at Fontella Moi Avenue roundabout, where they  addressed members of the press.

“We are tired of this massive looting of public resources. The President, his deputy, governors, EACC the CJ and everyone in office, must fight this vice by action not just showing off,” said Hussein Khalid –Haki Afrika Director.

The activists said that they will be demonstrating every Thursday in red T-Shirts to symbolize bloodshed, until action is taken.

“If the president cannot fight corruption he must resign, if Governor Joho cannot fight corruption must resign and we will not tire until action is taken,” said Francis Auma from Haki Africa.

This comes as the Ministry of Health is currently faced with a scandal where they are alleged to have misused cash amounting to sh. 5 billion.

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The parliament committee on public accounts is also questioning people allegedly involved in the sh.791 Million scandal in the NYS ministry.