Kilifi county assembly launches a five year strategic plan

Kilifi county assembly launches a five year strategic plan

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Kilifi, KENYA: Kilifi county assembly has launched a five years strategic plan aimed at changing the lives of the people of Kilifi.

The plan outlines ways, measures and means the county assembly will take in their roles of oversight and legislation.

This comes after the public cried foul over the incompetence of the county assembly,claiming they have fail on their oversight role following the stalemate of projects and poor projects in various parts of the county.

In the year 2015, Kilifi County governor Amason Kingi had to suspend some of his County Executive Cabinet members and chief officers after it emerged that they recorded incomplete projects as complete in Magarini.

Speaking during the launch at the Kilifi County assembly buildings in Malindi on Friday, Kilifi County speaker Jimmy Kahindi said the strategy will enhance the assembly’s work.

“We all know that we were elected by the people of Kilifi County to serve them and not spend their money in the wrong way without giving them what they deserve,” said Kahindi.

“In this strategic plan we have outlined and highlighted the ways and measures of doing our work as the assembly and we hope we will achieve our goal in five years.” Added Kingi.

Kilifi county governor Amason Kingi commended the Assembly members for the plan and urged them to follow it up amicably should they really need to achieve their goal as outlined.

“Kilifi County is bigger than an individual and we must know why we were elected by the great people of Kilifi,” said governor Kingi.

“This move shows how committed the assembly is in terms of performing their duties and my government will not tolerate nonperformance at all,” added Kingi.

This comes as grilling of some CECs and Chief Officers is currently ongoing  at the assembly following mysterious loss of millions of money.

Last week, Education CEC Salma Muhiddin and Health CEC Rachael Musyoki were grilled.

Salma was grilled following the revoting of Kshs. 1.2 billion since 2013 while her counterpart Musyoki was grilled on the loss of estimated Kshs. 40 million.