Jubilee is gambling with Kenya’s future, says Mudavadi

Jubilee is gambling with Kenya’s future, says Mudavadi

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Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi.PHOTO: COURTESY.

Lamu, KENYA: Amani National Congress-ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi has accused the Jubilee government of experimenting with and second-guessing governance of the nation.

Mudavadi who is on a  two day Lamu tou to solidify the ANC party’s support ahead of the 2017 general elections, urged the people of Lamu and the Coast in general to embrace an all inclusive style of leadership that will change the fate of the nation.

Mudavadi who is also whipping support for his brainchild the National Super Alliance-NASA, has appealed to the Lamu and coastal people to support the National Super Alliance-NASA through ANC; saying the move was the only means to resolve historical injustices such us land alienation and poor education infrastructure.

Speaking in Faza island on Friday,The former deputy prime minister said NASA or MUUNGANO MAALUM as its now being referred to in Swahili, was not a traditional coalition of political parties and wouldn’t experiment with governance like the Jubilee government has.

He said Kenya has been second guessing governance since the introduction of multiparty through political parties and coalitions of convenience.

“Kenya has been so unfortunate that most regimes have been putting governance to the test and thereby failed to live up to the dreams and expectations of the Kenyan people.The Jubilee experiment however has been the worst disaster but the good thing is there is still a chance for us to join forces and elect a government that will strive hard not to disappoint and gamble with the future of this great nation,”said Mudavadi.

A tough talking Mudavadi said NASA was not about dissolving any given political party neither was it about select individuals or political parties.

He added that it is a policies issue-based partnership of the Kenyan people to form a democratic and inclusive government accountable in the management of the economy.

He said NASA would uphold the tenets of the devolution system of governance embedded in the Kenyan constitution.

“We will achieve all that through building partnerships among communities, regions, political parties and other organized and informal groups including trade unions, business community and employers, the civil society, self-help groups, women and youth organizations, chamas, transport, religious and student organizations,”he added.

Mudavadi said NASA has broader goals and objectives in terms of membership and post-election agenda for Kenya.

He said the NASA government will be based on transparency, accountability, participation,devolution of power and resources,equal opportunity and equity for all.

“NASA’s administration shall therefore promote the rule of law, good governance, human rights, constitutionalism and inclusity,”said Mudavadi.