We want title deeds to protect us from grabbers, say LAPSSET land...

We want title deeds to protect us from grabbers, say LAPSSET land owners

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Ongoing construction at the site of the new building that will house the administrative headquarters for the Kenya Ports Authority. One of the LAPSSET projects. PHOTO/FILE

Lamu, KENYA: Lamu residents who own lands surrounding the new Lamu port-LAPSSET in Kililana and Mashunduani areas have called on the National Lands Commission-NLC to accord them with title deeds; to enable them protect their lands from the growing number of grabbers.

The land owners have confirmed having received threats from individuals who were trying to forcefully eject them from their lands armed with fake title deeds.

They also said they were being frustrated by KDF soldiers who conduct patrols in the areas.

“Whenever security officers find us their they question and interrogate you like a criminal and send us scampering.the NLC must do something fast,” said Mwangi Dangote.

The land owners now say they are scared of pursuing ventures on their farms for fear of being harassed by the security officers.

They said it was unfair that in this age and time they had no freedom to do as they wished on their lands just because they had no title deeds to prove their ownership.

“its unfortunate that we are not even allowed to access our own lands just because they border the LAPSSET and we have no title deeds to prove we are the owners yet we are.” Said Mwangi Dangote.

They said without title deeds they are and will be unable to protect their lands from being grabbed by tycoons eyeing them.