KCPE kicks off in Lamu under tight security

KCPE kicks off in Lamu under tight security

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KCPE candidate during the exam preparation. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Lamu, KENYA: A total of 2,639 class eight candidates are sitting for this year’s KCPE exams in Lamu county.

In Lamu East and other schools close to the Lamu-Somalia border including Kiunga,Ishakani and Mkokoni the exams commenced under immense tight security from the police and the KDF who are on patrol round the clock in the schools.

The respective school heads were lining up at the examination collection centers by 5.00 am Tuesday and the exams therefore started on time.

Lamu deputy county commissioner Stephen Sangolo said enough security personnel had been deployed to all schools in Lamu to ensure the exams proceed uninterrupted.

Sangolo assured parents,teachers and students of adequate security during this exam period.

He said the county commissioner’s office had taken elaborate measures to curb and avoid exam cheating by ensuring the exams storage containers are under heavy armed security and extra vigilance.

Sangolo said those who shall be found trying to cheat in any manner shall be apprehended and prosecuted for aiding a crime.

“Security measures are in place. We have ensured that students from insecurity prone areas in Lamu East are accorded extra security from the KDF.We also have two police officers guarding each exam centre and four more keeping watch over exam storage container,”said Sangolo.

No incidents were recorded as the exams kicked off with all candidates availing themselves for the exams as opposed to last year where some students went missing on the D-day.

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A total of 1,361 boys and 1,278 girls are sitting the exams.

There are a total of 77 exam centers in the entire county with 11 of them being in Lamu East and 66 in Lamu West.