The South American city that experiences four seasons in 24 hours

The South American city that experiences four seasons in 24 hours

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Parts of Quito City in Ecuador where the 3rd United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, Habitat III took place from Monday 17th to 20th October. PHOTO: ALBERT MWANGEKA.

Quito, ECUADOR: It is generally expected that a new season will always spring up after a few months giving way to a newer weather pattern.

This gives way for people in an area  to adapt to weather changes like dress appropriately for each season.

However, according to residents and experts this is not the situation in the Ecuadorian capital of Quito.

The weather is so unpredictable that all four seasons in this city can be experienced in 24 hours.

“In the morning you can wake up and it is very chilly. Then as the day progresses the weather shows spring characteristics, then summer is experienced in the afternoon where the sun is very hot. Then it rains afterwards. After the rain comes the fall,” Silvia Benitez, the Freshwater Manager from The Nature Conservancy told Baraka FM.

Parts of Quito city. PHOTO: ALBERT MWANGEKA.
Parts of Quito city. PHOTO: ALBERT MWANGEKA.

Ms. Benitez reiterated that due to climate change the four seasons experienced in a day could be too much to handle as you would need to carry a jacket and an umbrella even if it is sunny just in case it pours.

“Over time the weather has been dramatic. More intense rains occur within shorter times and droughts last longer. This is as a result of climate change,” Ms. Benitez said, at the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, where Habitat III was taking place.

She said that high rainfall would be dangerous as it would resonate to flooding in Quito.

“That is why we are looking on how the city can adapt to this situation,” she said.