Residents complain over wild animals invading villages in search of food due...

Residents complain over wild animals invading villages in search of food due to drought

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Lamu, KENYA: Lamu residents in areas that have been worst hit by drought have complained of dangerous wild animals carelessly roaming around their residential areas; that put their lives at risk of being attacked.

Villagers of Pandanguo,Chalaluma,Maisha masha,Shee Mgambo,Hindi,Bargoni and Basuba have said they are living in constant fear of being attacked by the increased number of lions and buffaloes that storm villages in search of food and water due to the ongoing drought situation.

Residents in the villages have appealed to the Kenya Wildlife Officers-KWS in Lamu to contain the animals saying failure to that,deaths caused by the wild animals will soon be inevitable.

The hungry roaming wild animals are said to have also hindered many other activities in the affected areas; including movement and schooling since people are now scared to venture out of their homes for fear of being attacked.

“We go very far in search of water and on most occasions we have been coming in direct contact with lions,buffaloes and elephants. KWS must do something before these animals start killing people because we know sooner or later they will after all, they also don’t have food. Children can’t go to school as a result,”said Musaddin Shekuwe of Basuba.

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Lamu county KWS commander Jacob Orale confirmed the incidents but pledged to have his officers look into the matter urgently and ensure the animals are contained.