Likoni village elder accused of aiding terror activities in the area

Likoni village elder accused of aiding terror activities in the area

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Mombasa,  KENYA: Detectives in Likoni are conducting investigations on a village elder and her four sons who are security officers; accused of aiding  terror activities in the area.

Three of her sons are said to serve in the forces,two being  GSU officers;one of them being attached to the presidential escort and the other one is an Administration police officer.

The fourth son who is reported to have gone  missing  early February this year only  for him to resurface mid July; is the one said to be giving security agents sleepless nights .

According to police, the suspect might have been in Somalia training as an alshabaab militia.

Police summoned the woman and her sons to Inuka police station on Wednesday, where they were interrogated for three hours.

Assistant county commissioner,Shikaadabu chief who are all from Likoni sub-county and other top security officers; were present at the time of interrogation.

When asked about the allegations leveled on her, the woman protested claiming she and her family were clean and the allegations raised on her were only meant to tarnish her name and her sons, who are serving as security men in the country.

“On 13/10/2016 at around 2 pm I received a call from Inuka officer commanding station OCS requesting me to appear at his office.I thought I was going for normal duties as I am a village elder,as soon as I entered his office I was ushered a seat only to be told I was habouring alshabaab terrorists in my house,armed MRC members and selling drugs,” said the woman.

“I have never been accused of such activities and I know I am clean, I was appointed a village elder in 2012 and I have been serving the people diligently,” said the woman.

When asked about the whereabouts of her son alleged to have been missing, she said he was bewitched by unknown people and that’s when he found himself in Mozambique.

“You know our Digo people and their culture,we suspect they bewitched my son because they are not happy with my family; especially my three sons who are all security officers,” said the woman.