Elders at rescue centers in Kilifi facing starvation as drought persists in...

Elders at rescue centers in Kilifi facing starvation as drought persists in the area

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A livestock farmer in Makumbo Village in Bamba assessing one his dead cow following the persisting drought in Ganze sub-county. PHOTO: DAVID NGUMBAO.

Kilifi, KENYA: More than 20 elderly people living in Kaya Godoma rescue center in Ganze, Kilifi are in dire need of food and water as drought persists in most parts of the county.

Speaking to Baraka FM on Friday, the weak elders said that they haven’t received any assistance regardless of several organizations, both national and county government distributing aid in the area.

The elderly men who are seeking refuge following death threats over witchcraft allegations; expressed their fear over the severe hunger they are facing at the moment.

According to Katana Kenga, one of the elders, he was unable to get relief food from Ganze Deputy County Commissioner’s office after they were asked to pick the food two weeks ago, but later on he was forced to go back empty handed as all the food was distributed as he watched without getting any.

“We have been seeing Lorries distributing food to various destinations but so far we haven’t been lucky. Two weeks ago the deputy commissioner asked me to go to Ganze to collect food which I did but when I arrived there I was asked to sit aside. I watched as others collected their shares and at the end of the day I was forced to go back home empty handed as i got nothing.” Said Katana.

Katana added that although their lives were safe in the center, they cannot persevere anymore as  they can no longer afford to buy the common necessities.

“It’s true we are safe in here but as you can see hunger is killing us. The situation is so bad that even the fear of death outside this camp is no longer paramount as to what we are facing in here.” said Katana

Gona Tuva who is now in charge of Kaya Godoma after the death of the late Mangi Mitsanze, appealed to the governments to take the matter as urgent and provide food to the ailing elders who have gone for four days without a single meal.

Tuva said that they are still receiving more victims who are coming to seek refuge.

Safari Charo from Shangweni in Ganze Sub County narrated how he narrowly escaped death from rouge bodaboda operators who accused him of collaborating with a lady neighbor to practice witchcraft.

Charo who is a widower, said that the bodaboda men wanted to set him a blaze but fortunately he managed to escape after receiving a thorough beating.

He has left his three children under the care of his elder brother and vowed not to go back to the village.

Kilifi county secretary Owen Baya said they are meeting with county assembly to discuss the matter and proposed that the county assembly should use the Ward Development Funds to address the hunger situation.