Residents urge NEMA to deal with air pollution in Mombasa

Residents urge NEMA to deal with air pollution in Mombasa

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Mombasa, KENYA: As the world celebrates the respiratory care week and the Lung health month of October , majority of residents in Mombasa are a worried lot.

The resident’s fear the air pollution in the county is getting out of hand.

The residents attribute the lack of designated smoking zones and presence of the Kibarani dumpsite as major contributors to air pollution in the county.

The residents are calling upon the National Environmental Management Authority to find ways of curbing air pollution which they fear eventually its repercussions would be dire.

“It is well known that in cigarettes, secondary smokers are those who are affected most.” said Duncan Kiarie one of the residents.

“The officials in Mombasa County should develop a system like that operating in Nairobi where there are designated smoking zones and anyone caught smoking away from those zones should be arrested and fined.” Kiarie added while suggesting the adoption of measures put in place by the Nairobi County government in Mombasa.

“I am wondering why NEMA has not done anything to protect residents living around Kibarani, Residents of changamwe, Bahati and Mikindani are always complaining of dust and lung complications. ” Ayub a resident of Changamwe complained.

He thinks that’s its unfair that the residents are always blaming the county government over the mess in Kibarani, instead of blaming the National Environment Management Authority NEMA

The National Environmental Authority NEMA has in the past talked of plans to close down the dumpsite but in August Mombasa county governor told reporters that the county government was setting up a sh. 10 billion recycling plant in the site.

“We are fully in charge of this dumpsite and we want to ensure a better environment. We will continue with the restoration program and don’t listen to sideshows,” Governor Joho said in August.

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In September Uriri Mp John Obado presented a bill at the National assembly that if approved , all public smoking areas would be designated and gazetted by the county governments and public smoking would be restricted from 6.00pm to 6.00 am.