Unknown people break into Human rights activist house in Mombasa

Unknown people break into Human rights activist house in Mombasa

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Muhuri chairman Khelef Khalifa's house in Nyali that was broken into. PHOTO: OSCAR NYOHA.

Mombasa, KENYA: Human right activists in Mombasa have condemned the incident of one of them’s house being broken into; claiming that there is a plot to silence them in the region.

Muslim for Human Rights (MUHURI) chairperson Khelef Khalifa’s house in Nyali, was on Monday night reportedly raided by unknown men who made away with some money and phones.

According to Abdulkadhiri Khalifa a relative to Khelef who was in the house during the incident, the people who raided the house took away three phones and sh.26,000.

Addressing the press on Teusday, human rights activist Francis Auma of HAKI Africa, said there are some forces that are out to silence the leader of MUHURI; due to his outspoken nature on human rights abuse.

“This is intimidation and it’s a strong message to us human rights activists, and the government should fasten investigations within seven days. We will not be silenced!” Said Auma.

Auma also urged the government to give Khelef security.

Khelef has reportedly been vocal on accusing police of wrong doings, with the latest one being killing of three women in what was said to be an attempted terror attack at Central police station in the county.

He said the women were innocent and that officers accused them of being terrorists to cover-up extra-judicial killings.

The  human rights defender was not in the house in the mid-night incident as he is reportedly out of the country, however his family was in the house during the raid but none of them was hurt.

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