Lamu leaders threaten to go to court over sh. 200 B coal...

Lamu leaders threaten to go to court over sh. 200 B coal project

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Lamu, KENYA: A section of Lamu leaders have threatened to head to court to stop the Sh.200 billion coal project from being set up in the county.

Lamu Women Rep Shakilla Abdalla and deputy governor Eric Mugo have also threatened  to institute legal action against the National Lands Commission-NLC chair Muhammad Swazuri.

They have accused him of failing to consult and involve the county government in matters concerning lands acquired for development projects including the coal one.

Speaking in Lamu on Tuesday,the two leaders swore not to allow the project to be established in Lamu since there is no consensus between  NLC,the county government,project investors and land owners over the matter.

“Swazuri must know and acknowledge the leadership of Lamu whether or not he likes it.that should apply whenever the NLC intends or wishes to undertake any implementations in as far as land is concerned here.” Said Mugo.

The leaders said the project was a harmful one to the health of locals and to the environment and that there was need for it to be stopped before the harm takes place.

“As for the coal plant,there are so many things we don’t agree with and we prefer it be taken elsewhere and not here. Better still they can sit down with us and clear the fog,” added Mugo.

The project under the Amu power company is to be set up at Kwasasi area in Hindi,Lamu west.

They criticized the NLC for undertaking secretly land allocation and approval missions without involving or seeking to indulge the county government.

The women rep said it was unfair for the government to try and forcefully pin such a harmful venture on the Lamu people.

“We no longer have confidence in the NLC nor the NEMA since we feel both have been greatly compromised to force the coal plant on the people of Lamu. We have however seen through their plot and shall do all we can to stop it including seeking legal redress.if power must be produced in Lamu,let it be clean and safe energy and not otherwise,” said Shakilla.

This comes at a period when governor Issa Timamy has already opposed the Sh.800,000 per acre compensation for lands acquired for the coal plant, terming it too little and one that his people were not ready to accept it.