Headteacher accused of sexually assaulting class 8 girl in Mombasa

Headteacher accused of sexually assaulting class 8 girl in Mombasa

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Mombasa, KENYA: Detectives in Likoni have launched investigations on allegations of a primary school headteacher accused of sexually assaulting a class 8 pupil.

Police have identified the suspect as Mwalimu Abdurhaman,headteacher of Likoni primary school.

Mwalimu is alleged to have touched a class eight candidate inappropriately on her buttocks and also sucked her breasts; in the morning of 16 February 2016 at his office in the school, only for the matter to resurfaced last week.

The school head is reported to have been in the school since 2012 and has been in the teaching career for over 30 years.

It is alleged that the head teacher who is also class a eight mathematics teacher, asked the girl to take his textbooks to his office after he completed a maths lesson.

It is here where he is alleged to have  lured the victim to put the text books on the shelves and touched her from behind.

Likoni police Chief Willy Simba confirmed to Baraka FM on Monday that the matter was now under probe.

“We have summoned both parties to record their statements a fresh, the matter will be forwarded to director of public prosecutions because it has been too long,” said police boss.

On his defense, Mr. Mwalimu claims the accusations were pure malice and were aimed to tarnish his name.

“I have recorded a statement with the police,they just wanted to tarnish my name. The girl was even absent during that lesson,” said the accused.

He said the family allegedly demanded sh. 200,000 from him so that they could drop the matter, he however reiterated that he was not ready to part even a cent as he was innocent.

He claims the father of the girl alleged to have been abused, sent him text messages asking for money so that he could not take the matter to police.

The father has been identified as Ali Abdalla Moyo and the text he is alleged to send to the head teacher reads in Swahili:


The headteacher alleged the said girl had been out of school and she was not serious with her studies at all.

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He said her parents were just  looking for a loophole as they had realized their daughter had no future.