Timamy orders crackdown on individuals ignoring automobile ban in Lamu

Timamy orders crackdown on individuals ignoring automobile ban in Lamu

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Lamu, KENYA: Lamu governor Issa Timamy has called on county commissioner Joseph Kanyiri to authorize the arrest of all individuals who have ignored and haven’t heeded to the directive of removing all automobiles out of the historical Lamu old town.

In August last year, the county government of Lamu banned all automobiles including vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles from the town which is also a historical site.

Timamy had then directed arrested prosecution and arrested of all those who shall contravene the directive; which is aimed at preserving the town’s decade old history and culture.

The town’s tiny and narrow footpaths can only allow for movement by foot and or donkeys which are the old town’s historical form of transport.

Immediately after the automobile evacuation order was made last year,many automobile owners heeded and had them moved from the island to the mainland in Mokowe.

That was however not to last long and in less than  two months later,the automobiles slowly and secretly found their way back to the island on the old town.

Speaking in Lamu on Sunday Timamy said those who were openly flaunting the ban of automobiles and bringing them back to the old town would face dire legal consequences.

The governor noted that the number of automobiles on the island had greatly increased and asked the county commissioner to move swiftly and have all those responsible arrested and their automobiles confiscated.

“Lamu is an old town is a historical site and the presence of automobiles disputes all that. This town is only meant for donkeys and those on foot and that’s how it stays. Police must now come in and arrest all those who have chosen to ignore the ban.Those who want and feel like driving must and can only do it on the mainland and not on this island,”said Timamy.

The only vehicles allowed to operate on the old town are a county garbage collection tractor, the county commissioner’s official GK vehicle,an ambulance and motorcycles belonging to the ministry of public health,water board office and the county government.