Contingent of GSU officers deployed in Likoni

Contingent of GSU officers deployed in Likoni

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Mombasa, KENYA: At least 100 armed General Service Unit GSU, Regular police and Administration police have been deployed in Likoni Mombasa, to hunt down armed criminal gangs who are terrorizing and attacking residents in the area.

A lorry full of GSU and two land cruisers, were spotted patrolling in the areas of Shelly beach,Majengo mapya Timbwani and Jamvi la Wageni areas on Sunday.

The areas are believed to be their hideouts.

Likoni police boss Willy Simba told Baraka FM that they were doing everything possible to bring the culprits to book.

The suspects whose motive has not been established, are said to be slashing pedestrians as they walk along the road.

So far four people are nursing deep cuts and other injuries after they were attacked by the said gang.

The four are boda boda riders,they were attacked and slashed by the attackers who escaped without stealing anything.

Police believe the suspects are members of the criminal gangs of Watalia and Wakalikwanza with majority of the gang members being below 25 years.

The hunt down comes a few hours after boda boda operators attacked two suspects believed to be the members of the gang.

The two are admitted at Manyatta district hospital in Likoni under serious condition ,according to police source who rescued the suspects from the mob.