Mombasa court grants Italian drug fugitive sh. 500,000 bail

Mombasa court grants Italian drug fugitive sh. 500,000 bail

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Italian Leone Alberto Fulvio at Mombasa Law Courts. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: An Italian drug fugitive who has been hiding in Kenya for the past 24 years has been granted bail.

The Italian Leone Alberto Fulvio was released on a bail of 500,000 by principal magistrate Edgar Kagoni .

Fulvios Lawyer Gikandi Ngibuini told the court that the fugitive has been ailing and he needed time to perform his paternal duties to his two year old son who he sired with his Kenyan wife Sarah Wambui.

However the 67 year old is set to report to the director of criminal investigations in Mtwapa, Kilifi County every Friday starting the 28th of October and his passport which is currently with Interpol is set to be surrendered to the Mombasa Law courts.

Fulvio was arrested on September 27th by Italian and Kenyan officials and he is set to be extradited to Italy to serve an 8 year sentence.

However the senior assistant director of public Prosecutions Alexander Muteti told the court today that Italian officials were taking too long to send his extradition documents.

9 year trial

Fulvios woes began after Italian officials allegedly found him in Possession of narcotics including pure heroin on the 17th of May 1983.

He was convicted in absentia on 22nd of June 1992 before he fled to Kenya in 1993.

Law abiding Kenyan citizen

However despite his criminal past and his arrest warrant circulating all over Europe, Kenyan officials granted him documents that brand him as a law abiding Kenyan citizen.

It is alleged that Fulvio gave up on his Italian citizenship in 2009 in a move aimed at self preservation.