Youths disrupt mashujaa day celebrations in Mombasa

Youths disrupt mashujaa day celebrations in Mombasa

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Police trying to quell the situation at Tonoka grounds after youths tried to disrupt the ceremony. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: Mashujaa day celebrations in Mombasa on Thursday turned into a shouting match between a section of pro Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan,Nyali Mp Hezron Awiti and Jubilee party groups.

Youths allegedly allied to the politicians, disrupted the event for some minutes as they shouted down leaders from opposing camps whenever they rose to speak.

However, former Changamwe MP Suleiman Kajembe, made matters worse for declaring Coast region a jubilee zone, which did not go down well with a section of the crowd.

“We will vote for President Kenyatta, since his government has brought development in our coast region”, he said.

His statement prompted the crowd to boo him repeatedly and forced to cut short his speech.

Awiti was also reportedly unhappy with Kajembe and rubbished his remarks.He also allegedly supported the crowd for booing the former MP.

“Let Women and youth do what they want because it is their right. This is what we call Mashujaa day”, he said.

Awiti announced his candidature for the Governors seat in 2017, and has been holding grass root campaigns.

Police were forced to take charge and quell the building tension before things turned to normal.

Governor Joho was not present at the function.

Meanwhile in Kilifi, the celebrations were halted for sometime after a group of youths caused chaos at the Karisa Maitha grounds.

The youths were reportedly chanting names of politicians and this led to a conflict amongst them, hence bringing the event to a halt.

Kilifi County Commissioner Joseph Keter was forced to take to the podium to address the youths in a bid to cool down the tension.

“We must cool down and know that this is a very important day in Kenya and we have to show respect. This is not a political rally and we must respect that and if you have been sent to interrupt this function I will deal with you properly.” said Keter.

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Police have arrested one person as investigations launched.

Edited by George Otieno