Lamu residents want GSU camp inside school moved elsewhere

Lamu residents want GSU camp inside school moved elsewhere

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Lamu,KENYA:Residents of Kiangwe village in Lamu East want a GSU Camp established inside the Kiangwe Primary School closed down and the school reopened.

They said their children have nowhere to learn and have called on the national government to move the camp elsewhere.

Parents on Thursday told Baraka FM ever since the school was turned into a GSU camp about two years ago,pupils have been forced to remain at home.

They however insisted that they still need the camp around because off insecurity but that they wished for the camp to be moved elsewhere to enable schooling to also go on.

“We are grateful for the governmets effort to protect us and ensure that security remains steady here.But we are however not finding it interesting that our only primary school has now been turned into a GSU camp and our children are no longer learning.Two good years without stepping in class for our children.thats not fair,”said Mukhtar Ahmed.

The parents said many of the pupils now roam about aimlessly during school days with many also engaging in illicit sexual practices.

“Our greatest fear is that the situation at the school is making things very bad for our children and if something isn’t done soon many of them will be pregnant and early marriages will be inevitable since they are idle,”said Hadija Godana.

The government resolved to put up the camp following spates of Alshabaab terror attacks in the area in 2014 and 2015.

However,Linda Boni operation director James Serian, says elaborate plans are already underway to ensure affected schools are re-opened and the learners resume classes by January next year.

The schools include Basuba, Milimani, Mangai, Mararani and Kiangwe primary schools that have remained closed for the last two years.