Lamu county commissioner sends stern warning to hate speech mongers

Lamu county commissioner sends stern warning to hate speech mongers

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Lamu County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri addressing journalists at his office. FILE/PHOTO.

Lamu, KENYA: Lamu County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri has warned politicians against propagating hate speech just to win the forthcoming 2017 general elections.

Kanyiri said his administration will not tolerate individuals and politicians who go about spreading messages of hate and tension for their own selfish motives.

Speaking in Lamu on Monday,Kanyiri said politicians in Lamu have become notorious at throwing hate jabs at each other and at residents during political crusades and at funerals.

Kanyiri said he had already issued a directive to junior officers including assistant county commissioners to be on the lookout for such politicians and have them promptly arrested and charged for incitement.

Chiefs in Lamu have also been asked to record names of all those preaching and spreading hate speech to enable for proper legal measures to be taken.

Kanyiri said the peace and stability of the people of Lamu was far much more important than  the interest of a few individuals who don’t give a hoot about the consequences of their words and actions.

He said CID and National Intelligence officers have also been spread all around the county and have been mandated with investigating all political events and find out malicious individuals who want to divide locals and wreak havoc ahead of 2017.

“Our officers are now more than ever on the lookout. We are warning all those who want to gain political mileage through incitement,” said Kanyiri.

The commissioner also warned chiefs and other county administrators against being used and misused by politicians to pursue their political endeavors.

“County administrators must stay away from politics, I believe every officer knows the mandate of their job. We cant ever mix our job with politics and if we find out that an administrator is doing that, they should just say goodbye to their job,” said Kanyiri.

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