I do not regret ditching Jubilee! Says Timamy

I do not regret ditching Jubilee! Says Timamy

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President Uhuru Kenyatta with Lamu County Governor Issa Timamy at Mkunumbi area, Mpeketoni in Lamu County where he issued Title deeds to the residents FILE/PHOTO

Lamu, KENYA: Lamu governor Issa Timamy has said he does not regret his move to ditch Jubilee for the ANC party led by his political mentor Musalia Mudavadi from where he will seek re-election.

Timamy said he is not moved by sentiments of critics who have termed his move as a political suicide saying he has the trust and blessings of his people in doing so.

The governor made the comments shortly after he publicly differed with Lamu East legislator Athman Shariff over his decision during an event in Faza Island where the two were in attendance.

Around mid this year in July,both Timamy and Shariff who were elected to their respective offices on the UDF party ticket announced ditching the party for Jubilee.

However barely a month down the line,Timamy recanted his move saying he would rather belong to a party where all members are regarded with equal respect and attention,something he said wasn’t happening in Jubilee.

The move seems to have angered the MP told off the governor over the move saying Lamu residents would be better off if all its leaders joined Jubilee.

Shariff called on locals to vote for the Jubilee government and party holders only in order to attain a ‘goo life’.

“With Jubilee all our problems are over and done with.All we need to do is to support them.Its unfortunate that as leaders we seem confused about what to do but just for he record,Jubilee is the way and any other party is a lie,” said Shariff.

Timamy however dismissed the MPs remarks and called on residents to vote for leaders based on their performance and not their political party.

He called on locals to double check on the ability of individual leadership and vote only based on that.

“We don’t focus on political parties , if the leader is fit he can go to any party.In other areas leaders were elected in Jubilee party and did not deliver, I have My nomination ticket in my pocket and am waiting for 2017, even if elections are called tomorrow am ready ,’’said Timamy.

The governor reminded residents of the voting patterns in Lamu County as experienced in the 2013 general elections where apart from him and The Lamu east MP who were elected in a UDF ticket, the women Rep Shakilla Abdalla was elected in Wiper Party ticket, while Senator Abu Chiaba was in TNA and Lamu West MP Julius Ndegwa was elected in Kenya national Congress.