Drug abuse blamed for rampant unemployment among the youth in Lamu

Drug abuse blamed for rampant unemployment among the youth in Lamu

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A drug user injecting herself. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Lamu, KENYA: Officials from the Aga Khan foundation on Thursday met and held a meeting with stakeholders from various sectors in the county; to deliberate on causes of increased unemployment among youth in Lamu County.

The meeting was held at the Mwana Arafa Hotel in Lamu and was attended by over 500 stakeholders.

Speaking then,Aga Khan Foundation Coast coordinator Atrash Mohamed said the main objective was to understand challenges faced by employers seeking to recruit youth from the region.

Many youth in the county are hooked on drug use,a factor that has made it difficult or impossible for many of those employed to retain their jobs or perform well at their places of work.

Due to drug use it has also emerged that most employers now prefer outsourcing their staff from other parts of the nation; for fear of engaging Lamu youth who are feared to be addicts and subsequent non-perfomers.

“We are interested in finding out why so many youth here are jobless. What we understand so far is that drug use is the biggest factor at play.we want to see how that can be corrected so that they can also get employed like their mates out there,”said Mohamed.

He said apart from Lamu,the foundation was also concerned about a similar situation in Mandera and Garissa counties.

This comes just days after the Aga Khan Foundation signed an MoU with the county government in a move that is aimed at improving early childhood education in the county.