Have Ali kiba and Diamond platinumz dragged their alleged rivalry to Kenya?

Have Ali kiba and Diamond platinumz dragged their alleged rivalry to Kenya?

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For a long time two of the biggest stars in Bongo land Diamond platinumz and Ali kiba have been alleged to be in a bitter rivalry over supremacy.

Both Kiba and platinumz have in the past denied the existence of rivalry between them.

The alleged rivalry between the two traces back to some few years ago when Ali kiba accused Platinumz of deleting his lyrics in a collabo they were both supposed to work together.

Since then they have been caught in between the social media war of words between their fans who have teamed up as team Diamond and Team Kiba.

The alleged rift between the two intensified last year when two of Diamonds ex girlfriends Jokate Mwengelo who was at the time rumored to be dating Ali kiba and Wema sepetu teamed up to campaign for Kiba at the Kilimanjaro Music awards.

When asked what he thought about his ex girlfriends campaigning for his alleged archrival, Diamond platinumz is alleged to have referred to Jokate as ‘Makombo’ which loosely translates to breadcrumbs.

Diamonds alleged remarks sparked outrage among Team Kiba who in turn mocked him saying he too was feeding on breadcrumbs in his baby mama Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan .

Last weekend during the Chris brown concert in Mombasa, Ali kiba who was one of the performers performed only 2 minutes much to the dismay of his fans.

Ali Kiba has gone ahead to insinuate that diamond Platinumz manager Sallam Shariff might have had a hand on his shortlived performance.

Ali Kiba claims that he spotted Sharaff going backstage while he was on stage performing and minutes later his microphone was switched off.

However, Shariff defended his presence at backstage and instead urged Ali Kiba to apologize to his fans for performing only 2 songs during the concert.

If the recent accusations and counter accusations are anything to go by , the two stars may just have dragged their rivalry to Kenya.