Family mourns bread winner who died in the Mandera attack

Family mourns bread winner who died in the Mandera attack

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Kilifi, KENYA: A family in Kilifi is mourning the death of one of their beloved son who was among the six victims of last week’s Mandera terror attack.

Levis Mwalimu, 34 and a father of a 2-year-old son was working as a teacher for an Islamic organization in Mandera.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday at her home in Chigojoni village in Chonyi, Kilifi County, Mary Masika, 35, the late Mwalimu’s wife, said her husband had vowed not to renew his contract which was set to end early 2017 due to the security situation in Mandera.

“When he came home for a burial three weeks ago, he told me he was thinking of quitting  his job in the area because of persistent gunshots that crisscrossed his ears almost on a daily basis,” Masika said.

“He told me he was frightened and once the contract ended, he would not renew it but return home,” added Masika amid sobbing during the interview.

Masika said after he returned to Mandera, they were in constant communication until last Thursday when she received a call from the deceased’s friend who lives in Nairobi.

“My husband’s friend told me I had been sent a ticket to travel to Nairobi since my husband had been attacked by terrorists and was in critical condition,” said Masika.

After receiving the news of her husband’s demise, she was taken to Chiromo mortuary where she identified her him.

“The body had several gunshots wounds and the hands showed that he struggled to his death,” added Masika.

Mwaka Mwalimu, the deceased’s mother said her son was the sole bread winner in a family of three.

“He was born in 1982 and was a brave young boy, growing in the village,” said Mwaka in the middle of sobbing.

“I was shocked by the news of his demise because he was my only dependent son since my husband died in 2005,” she added.

Kilifi county Commissioner Joseph Keter on Tuesday sent his condolences to the family.

“We are really shocked by the news of the terrorist attack in Mandera last week and I hereby condole to all those who lost their loved ones in the attack,” said Keter.

The late Mwalimu will be laid to rest on Saturday at his home village of Chigojoni.