Drama as NIS officer is arrested and tied to an electricity pole...

Drama as NIS officer is arrested and tied to an electricity pole over music system

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The home music system that made the NIS officer arrested and tied to an electricity pole. PHOTO: WELDON KEMBOI.

Mombasa, KENYA: There was drama after a National Intelligence Service officer NIS was arrested in Likoni, Mombasa and tied to an electricity pole before being rescued by the public.

The officer who is based in Ngong, Nairobi, was allegedly arrested by CID officers from Likoni police station and handcuffed to an electricity pole for 2 hours in Ujamaa Likoni, witnesses said.

It is alleged that the officer identified as Rajab Mwamchiri, had on Teusday evening gone to inquire about his music hi-fi system (radio) from a nearby electrician  when he was arrested for allegedly disturbing the peace.

Trouble is said to have started when the electrician only identified  as Eric, tried to con the NIS officer by refusing to hand over the radio to him and instead calling police claiming he ( NIS officer) was a nuisance at his workplace.

The officer claimed the electrician has been repairing the radio for almost 2 years now and whenever he went to ask for it, he would take him round in circles.

The CID officers reportedly arrived within no time in a Subaru vehicle and arrested the NIS officer  before  handcuffing him and tying him to a nearby electricity pole.

According to the intelligence officer, his efforts to offer explanations were futile as he was overwhelmed by the three officers.

“One of them pointed a gun at me and threatened to shoot me if I continued wrestling them.I was quiet and cool but my hands were painful,” said a tearful Rajab.

It took the intervention of  the public who came to the rescue of  Rajab who is also known in the area as a Madrassa teacher.

Two CID officers who were unarmed fled for their lives  leaving behind an armed colleague and Rajab on the scene; after members of the public threatened to  beat them.

A reinforcement from Inuka police station was called after the irate public threatened to burn the police vehicle and the armed officer.

One of them tried to remove the handcuffs from Rajab who in turn dramatically handcuffed him.