More than 10,000 livestock die due to drought in Ganze

More than 10,000 livestock die due to drought in Ganze

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Baraka fm Journalist David Ngumbao, examines a cow's remain in Goshi, Bamba in Ganze Sub-county-Kilifi County in October 10,2016 during a tour of the drought hit area

Kilifi,KENYA:More than ten thousand livestock have died in a span of three months in Ganze ,Kilifi County following a prolonged drought.

Baraka fm has established that at least a hundred livestock die in the entire sub-county over the prolonged drought in the area.

Area resident Joseph Charo, said starting July 2016 up to date more livestock farmers in the area have lost a hefty number of livestock.

He said the current drought has exceeded the previous drought situation and are now forced use Renji dam as the only source of water but it’s also drying up quickly.

“The situation is worst as you can see. In that span of three months we have lost more than ten thousand livestock in this Sub-county. Personally I have lost two hundred livestock,” said Charo.

He said residents are forced to trek a distance of over 30 kilometers to reach the dam which is the only remaining source of water.

According to residents in the area, the dam might dry up in two weeks’ time from now.

Karisa Birya, a livestock farmer who claims to have lost more than 300 livestock said should the dam dry up, they will be forced to migrate to Galana River in search of water and pasture for their livestock.

“We can foresee a major water problem before us which would force us to migrate. This situation has forced our children to drop out of school because we do not have money to cater for schools due to the death of our livestock which is our only revenue,” added Birya.

In contrast, a report released by the National Drought Management Authority in September showed the area is not affected to an extent of being a crisis.

Kilifi County NDMA Director Omar Morowa, said the national government is working around the clock to counter the situation.