“Don’t panic, ferries cannot sink easily”, Likoni residents told

“Don’t panic, ferries cannot sink easily”, Likoni residents told

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Commuters at the Ferry. FILE/PHOTO.

Mombasa, KENYA:Commuters using the Likoni channel have been urged not to panic over any technical problems that may arise while they are aboard ferries, since they are designed in a manner that they cannot sink easily.

Kenya Ferry Limited Managing Director, Mr. Bakari Gowa said commuters have been panicking whenever there is a breakdown hence creating unnecessary tension.

“I want to assure everybody  that it is not possible for the ferries to sink because within them, there are various chambers so that when one chamber is filled with water, other chambers are still available to  keep them afloat”, said Gowa.

Speaking when he launched a customer service week to interact with their customers, Mr Gowa also said plans are still underway to acquire more ferries.

He said they are expecting delays, which are because of payment on their part. He however added that an officially communication will be released on the exact date of delivery of new ferries.

“The delays were caused by some payment on our part because when we signed the contract, we made an advance payment but that had to be followed by a letter of credit. Unfortunately the letter of credit delayed for some time, but the main cause of the delay was the letter of credit, and now we expect the process to go on smoothly”, said Mr. Gowa.

Mr. Gowa furher stated that the Government had allocated sh 350 million to repair the ferries and most likely, by March 2017 they will have repaired all Ferries

The government allocated Sh1.1 billion to the Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) for the purchase of new ferries and repair of old ones.

The customer service week is aimed at meeting the customers, engaging them and highlighting key features of the ferries,  customers’ safety and security while they are aboard.