Shock as cotton wool found in Dasani water supplied to Mombasa MCAs

Shock as cotton wool found in Dasani water supplied to Mombasa MCAs

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The bottles of Dasani water that Mombasa MCAs claimed had pieces of cotton wool. PHOTO: PAUL NZIOKA.

Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa County Assembly has raised an alarm over the continued use of Dasani water in the county; this is after several bottles were found to be contaminated with cotton wool.

County Health committee Chairman Kibwana Swaleh, said that several crates of the contaminated water had been recovered at the County Assembly on Teusday afternoon and had been forwarded to the public health service board for analysis to establish its contents.

“We are worried by what we’ve just discovered, several branded bottles of the Dasani water are contaminated with cotton wool, this very worrying because Kenyans continue to consume the water without any knowledge that they risk getting water borne diseases,” he Said.

He added that the water which is a product of Coca Cola company repackaged in 5OO ml bottles, had been distributed to various wholesale and retail shops putting the lives and the health of millions of Kenyans at risk.

Kibwana noted that it was the third time the Assembly had been supplied with such contaminated water from Dasani.

Coca Cola CEO Mombasa branch , Ibrahim khoury said the company had already received the complaint and that it was an unfortunate incident.

He noted that they are investigating the supplier and are going to seize the stock; before forwarding it to its laboratory for analysis.

“We are indeed looking for the supplier of these water bottles to enable us take it back to to our laboratories and establish how the water became contaminated,” he said.

He further said that the water had been cleared for human consumption by the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

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