Suspended NYS boss computer was not hacked, CID tells parliament

Suspended NYS boss computer was not hacked, CID tells parliament

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CID boss Ndegwa Muhoro when he appeared before a parliamentary committee investigating the NYS saga on 5th October, 2016. PHOTO:CHRISTOPHER NYAMUTA

Nairobi, KENYA:Directorate of criminal investigation told  parliamentary accounts committee on Wednesday  that suspended deputy National Youth Service  NYS Director Adan Halakhe’s computer password was not hacked  contrary to early allegations on the matter linking  him to the loss of shs 791 million in NYS scandal.

CID boss Ndegwa Muhoro said initial investigations indicated  loss of millions of shillings from m the NYS  saga was not as a result of hacking of a password ,unless it was shared or the user failed to log out .

Halakhe had earlier  said that he raised concerns that his password for the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS) system had been hacked to steal the money.

Muhoro also said  despite the fact that his directorate recommended that Halakhe be prosecuted, director of public prosecution Keriako Tobiko recommended that he should be treated as a witness.

“In conclusion of this set of investigations , the investigators recommended charging of several persons chair ,there is one of the persons we had recommended to be charged chair,and advise from Dpp was that we treat him as a witness and he was the then AIE beholder .initially they were twenty three who were to face charges.” said Muhoro

The Muhoro team told the committee that millions of shillings was transferred from one account to another    at night using family bank  accounts involving majorly  companies owned by Josephine kabura and some by business man Ben Gethi.

Muhoro insisted that investigation revealed that Gethi and Kabura were in touch though Gethi denied.

He denied allegations that he is shielding some individuals who were involved in the NYS saga.

The committee rescheduled its meeting  with  kabura to next week  to answer pertinent questions linking her to Nys  scandal .

Kabura  is linked to NYS scandal where millions of shillings were allegedly wired to her accounts and firms.