Mombasa Water Kiosk Operators Association accuse MOWASCO of nepotism

Mombasa Water Kiosk Operators Association accuse MOWASCO of nepotism

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Members of the public cue at the MOWASCO premises in Mombasa awaiting to be served. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: Members of the Mombasa water Kiosk operators association have accused some officials in the Mombasa water and sanitation company and the department of water and sanitation of nepotism; in the ongoing process of issuance of licenses to water kiosk operators.

Through their chairperson Gabriel Amok the water kiosk operators say that some officials in MOWASCO have ensured that their relatives are given first priority in the issuing of water vending licenses; that were all cancelled 7 months ago for failure of adhering to the rules of pricing and sanitation set by the County government.

“This water officials know the spots where water is in plenty so they have made sure that only their relatives and associates own the standpipes in those spots.” Amok said in an exclusive interview.

“It’s now 7 months since our licenses were cancelled and we are yet to get them back and we have agreed to adhere to all the rules set.” He added.

On his part Rafael Ocholla the MWKOA representative for Changamwe west accused the MOWASCO officials of nepotism and said that the ordinary citizens in Mombasa County were suffering from the action of withdrawing their licenses.

“Its now 7 months since our licenses were recalled and most of our customers have been surviving on borehole water and you know water is life.’’ Ocholla said.

“Kindly hasten the process of issuing our licenses so that we can serve our customer,’’ he added.

The kiosk operators want the officials from the Water and sanitation department and MOWASCO not to be involved in the licence issuance process for it to be free and fair.

Efforts to get a statement from the officials at MOWASCO and the Water and Sanitation department on the accusations against them were futile.